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Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy for Personal Information (the “Policy”) covers all of the information that spaceproxy.net may receive about users when they use the Site.

Using the Site means that you irrevocably agree to this Policy and its terms of handling your personal information; if you do not accept these terms, you must abstain from using the Site.

1. Users’ personal information that is obtained and handled by the Site:
1.1 For purposes of this Policy, “personal user data” shall mean:

1.1.1 The personal information that the User provides about himself/herself upon leaving an application, or otherwise in the course of using the Site;
1.1.2 Data transferred automatically by the Site during the use of the Site with the help of software tools installed on the user’s device, including the IP address, cookies, information on the user’s browser (or other program, through which the user accesses the Site), access time, the requested page address;
1.1.3 The data that are provided to the Site, for the purpose of providing services and/or providing other valuables to visitors to the site, in line with the operations of this resource:
Last Name, First Name, Middle Name,
Phone Number.
1.2 This Policy is applicable only to the Site and has no control over, and is not accountable for, third-party websites to which the User may go through the links available on the Site. Such sites may collect or request other personal information from the user, and may perform other actions;
1.3 The site does in general not check the reliability of personal information presented by users and has no control over their ability to act. But the Site assumes that users provide accurate and enough personal information on the matters offered in the forms of this resource, and maintains this information up to date.

2. Objectives for collecting and processing users’ personal information.

2.1 The Site collects and maintains only the personally identifiable information that is needed to deliver services and/or other values to the Site’s visitors;

2.2 Personal information may be used for the purposes of the following:

2.2.1 Identifying a party under the agreements and agreements with the Site;

2.2.2 Provision of personalized services and other values to the user;

2.2.3 Communications with the user, including notifications, requests and communications regarding the use of the site, service provision, and the processing of inquiries and applications from the user;

2.2.4 Website quality improvement, usability, new services development;

2.2.5 Transmission of data to third parties, for the purpose of implementing the resource activity (for example, delivery of goods by courier, transport company, etc.);

2.2.6 The conclusion, performance and termination of civil contracts with natural and juridical persons, individual entrepreneurs and other persons, in the cases stipulated by the current legislation and / or the Charter of the enterprise.

3. Conditions of processing of user’s personal data and its delivery to third parties:

3.1 The site stores personal information of the users in compliance with internal rules of specific services;

3.2 In respect of personal information of the user its privacy is maintained, with the exception of the cases of voluntary submission by the user of information about themselves for public access to an unrestricted range of persons;

3.3 The site has the right to share user’s personal data with others in the following cases:

3.3.1 The user has given his or her consent to such actions, through consent reflected in the submission of such data;

3.3.2 The transfer is required as part of the User’s use of a certain site, or to render a service to the User;

3.3.3 The transfer is required by Russian or other appropriate law in the framework of the established by law procedure;

3.3.4 For the purpose of ensuring the ability to defend the rights and legitimate rights and interests of the Website or third parties.

3.4 In processing the users’ personal data, the Website is regulated by the Federal Law of the Russian Federation “On Personal Data”.

4. Changing the user’s personal information:

4.1 The user may at any time change (update, supplement) the submitted personal information or part of it, and also withdraw their permission to the treatment of personal data, having left an application to the administration of the website

5. The measures applied to the security of users’ personal information:

5.1 The site is taking all necessary and adequate organizational and technical steps to ensure protection of personal information from improper or accidental access, destruction, modification, deletion, blocking, copying, distribution, and from other unlawful acts of third parties.

6. Changing of Privacy Policy. Governing Law.

6.1 The Site may make changes to this Privacy Policy.

6.2 The law of the Russian Federation is applicable to this Policy and the relations between the User and the Website, resulting from the application of the Privacy Policy.


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