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Individual proxies for Facebook help to solve many of the problems associated with the promotion of accounts in the international social network. Given the popularity among users worldwide, the web site of the service for communication has long turned into an advertising site. Entrepreneurs and bloggers use the online to promote products and services, which allows in the shortest terms to attract a large number of potential customers and increase the level of income. With private server you don’t have to fear lock profile, a common problem faced by social media marketers.

The principle of operation proxy for Facebook

To quickly achieve the desired results when promoting on Facebook, an experienced SMM-work with many accounts at the same time. However, when you log in to different profiles with the same IP address, you may receive an indefinite ban, because the administration of the service the attempts to promote a page such methods. To avoid locks, enough to buy anonymous proxy for Facebook and use individual ip for each account.

The need to purchase proxy for Facebook that often occurs people of Ukraine, because in this country the resource is not available. A wonderful choice will be the server that is located in Russia – so you not only bypass the restrictions, but also increase the speed of loading web pages.

Applications personal proxy

When working with automated software to cheat subscribers on Facebook without qualitative proxies will not do. In this case, the use of anonymous addresses will help:

  • Without limitation to add users to your friends to invite in the community and at events.
  • To quickly increase the number of likes and comments on the page.
  • Record an unlimited number of profiles, doing a binding to the phone numbers and e-mail.
  • Chat with hundreds of users to the configured patterns.
  • Look for the target accounts according to specified criteria (place of residence, age, geolocation).
  • To place ads.
  • To collect and analyze statistics.

Given the fact that the activity of citizens is controlled, even on the Internet, many Facebook users try to maintain confidentiality. This is a private ip that hide the location of the computer. Using high quality proxy not only will you remain incognito when you visit a web site, and reliably protect personal account from hacking.

Do I have to buy a personal server, if the network is easy to find free IP – definitely, Yes. Public proxies, because of its availability, quickly lose validity and does not guarantee access to Facebook. The probability that the previous owner of the ip has violated the terms of service – in this case, you will fall into the black list at the first visit the social network. The paid version only belongs to one user, so you can be sure of their health and anonymity.

Working proxy for Facebook inexpensive

On Spaceproxy you can buy proxies with Facebook Protocol support SOCKS and HTTP(S), which can be bought at reasonable prices. Individual address USA, Russia, Europe and Asia are tested before sale, which eliminates the risk of acquisition of IP with low validity.

Our proxy holders will enjoy a great speed Internet connection and uninterrupted operation of servers throughout the rental period. Even in the case of malfunctions, the operators round the clock technical support to solve problems in a matter of minutes, offering you an alternative option while Troubleshooting.

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